The big scary unknown of starting out in the event planning world is nothing that’s insurmountable.

Once you equip yourself with a bunch of solid corporate event planning tips, you’ll get the hang of how the process works.

To speed up the learning process, have a look at the following list of practices no professional can do without.

Audience Profiling

Any well-organized event starts – and will ultimately be defined by – the attention you grant to the defining traits and preferences of your audience.

corporate event planning tips

Particularly, you’ll need audience profiling in order to set the theme of your event. Just envision this scenario: you’re going all the way through with a massive conference whose topic is not of interest to the potential guests. By doing so, you risk throwing big cash into something that won’t get you enough Return on Investment.

One way you can make sure this doesn’t happen is by crafting a pre-event survey which will ultimately help you aim straight and maximize the impact of your corporate event.

Keep The Story Going

Corporate event planning tips also include the promotional aspect.

Alongside promotional strategies that suit your company, you can also involve your potential guests. As long as they’re having a good time, they could be your best brand ambassadors.

But how do you plan to involve them?

First, decide on an event hashtag and let them know of it. This way, guests will clearly know what should be the first action to take when they want to share something they love during the event.

Then, you could involve influencers or insiders and ask them to report live on their channels. Don’t forget to also offer something in return (coupons, free passes to other events), as a sign of your appreciation.

In a way, this sub-chapter is related to the one above because the more you’ll involve past, current or future guests, the more you’ll be able to get to know them and thus design events that are customized according to their expectations. The end result will be that you’ll grow to organize events people will want to tell others about.

Pro tip: to get people enthused and ready to share, grant special attention to the entertainment part. Once your guests are feeling more relaxed, they’ll be more willing to spread the word about the event they’re attending. And a skilled performer will know exactly how to play at their heartstrings.

Tech-Fueled Efficiency

A list of corporate event planning tips could not be complete without an aspect related to efficiency.

corporate event planning tips

To go as smoothly as possible with all the fuss of large event planning, it’s essential that you do your research and constantly test the event management tools available.

Tech is what enables the pros to keep track of what’s happening not only during the planning phase but also on-site. Live event management tools help a skilled planner to never lose sight of:

Apart from software solutions, you can also involve gear like headsets for communication with your event organizing team.

Need More Corporate Event Planning Tips?

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