How to Improve the Site Audit Score through Link Building

The site Audit is one of those Squirrly SEO plugin’s features that users really find tremendously valuable. Most of our Squirrly users rely on the audit to see whether their efforts have been paying off or not. We’re absolutely thrilled by the idea that we can help marketers and bloggers with many different aspects, not […]

On-Page SEO: The Anatomy of a High-Ranking Page

How do I rank my content on the 1st Page of Google? When it comes to SEO, it’s probably the most asked questions out there. In an attempt to answer that question, there have been a lot of conversations around technical SEO, black hat tactics, white hat tactics, on-page SEO, algorithm changes – and not […]

How to Organize and Manage Your Keyword Portfolio

Hey there! Excellent job reading the lessons so far.┬áHope you’re learning a lot! Now, talking about learning, the lesson right here will be all about organizing and managing a keyword portfolio so you can strengthen your strategies and better prioritize your work. So far, the most common solutions for managing these lists of keywords included […]

A Tactical SEO Framework for Ranking Your Focus Pages

We’ve already established your Focus Pages are the supporting pillars on which your SEO strategies rest upon. In the previous lesson, you also learned more about the benefits of employing an approach that centers on your most important pages. In this lesson, we want to take things further – and zero in on all the […]

How to Find Untapped Keyword Ideas and Analyze Their Potential

Welcome to the fifth lesson. And as I’m sure you guessed from the title, this one will be all about becoming a Keyword Research Ninja. The Good News is: You can be a NON-SEO Person and still find amazing keyword opportunities for which to place your content at the top of search results. “Really? But […]

An Introduction to Focus Pages – and the Power They Have for SEO

Today’s lesson will be centered around Focus Pages – the most important pages in your site – and how to use them to build a winning SEO strategy that will improve your rankings. This lesson is super valuable to learn. Why? Because it helps you build a framework for all your pages and learn how […]

Critical Google Ranking Factors You Need to Know About

In the first lesson, we debunked some of the most common SEO expectations and we’ve also addressed a few important questions related to SEO that we’ve received over the years from our users. Today, we want to dive deeper into the topic of SEO, so what better way to do it than to discuss the […]

The Importance Of Setting Realistic SEO Expectations

“Why is my website not appearing in search results?” “Why has my post not been ranked yet?” “How long will it take to rank my site on the first page of Google?” These are some of the common questions we received from Squirrly SEO users over the years; questions which made us realize that setting […]