Creating a Landing Page Leads Can’t Refuse

You may remember that we talked about creating a landing page in our last lesson. Well, that topic deserves some more details. “Lead capture pages” or landing pages are one of the biggest sources of new leads for a business. Since the stakes are so high, you have to put serious effort into your page. […]

Effective Conversion Elements and How to Implement Them

In lesson 3, we got to talk about three conversion elements and how to use them. I hope you got the chance to try them out and see the results. If you remember, I also said that you need to do a lot of testing before you know for sure what works best. This time […]

12 Super Awesome Ways in Which You’ll Get Leads Jumping at the Opportunity

Ready for a new lesson? Great! Until now, I showed you the importance of generating leads and how the overall process works. The process of turning website visitors into actual customers. If you remember: the first part was actually getting their email addresses. You first want them to take any action that shows some kind […]

If You Had an Opportunity to Generate Leads Today Would You Be Ready?

Great to see you in class! Time for the second lesson, where you will find out what it means to get new leads and also how to get from having a simple lead to gaining a real customer. This lesson will help you understand exactly how to Deal with Leads. It’s easy to generate leads. […]

Generating Leads Will Make Your Business Thrive: A Facebook Story

A big thank you to everyone for being in class today. It’s really exciting to get a new course started that will teach you all about Generating leads with your WordPress sites and blogs. Other courses that we’ve created cover topics such as: 1) How to do SEO, the SEO Mindset and how to do […]

The Blogging Assistant that Drives Your Content Strategy

The previous two lessons are prone to help you out with your Content Strategy, especially at times when it becomes really hard to produce new content for your audience. This lesson comes to continue the ideas that I’ve presented to you in the other lessons, and it will be something actionable that you can start […]

Content Strategy 101. Being in the Top with News About Your Topics

In the previous lesson, I showed you how to be on Alert for generating creative ideas. Great tactics were presented in this course that you can take away and integrate into your content strategy. The most successful bloggers in different niches use those methods all the time. Now, let’s continue with some new resources that […]

Be On Alert for Better Idea Generation

The Idea Generation Course continues with this lesson which is all about being on alert in order to get better at content generation. You already have the proper sets of tools, right? By now, you should have an Editorial Calendar that you are using, as well as Trello Boards on which you can place ideas […]

7 Ways to Generate Content Ideas that Humans Love

Why Is this Lesson Important? It will show you some tips for how you can take the ideas you’ve sketched out in your Editorial Calendar and on your Trello Boards (you do remember those concepts from lesson 2, right?) and make likable content out of them. A friend of mine is an MBA in Boston […]

6 Steps In Achieving a Good Workflow for the Best SEO

Having a website on WordPress, you will start wondering “how can I turn my site into one of those popular sites that get tons of traffic?”. There are several possibilities but I suggest you concentrate on making it one of the best WordPress sites with the best SEO. Know that you will have to put […]