Tracking and Measuring the Success of the Content You Optimize for Humans

By taking this training program from Squirrly, you’ve learned how to optimize your content for Humans, so that Human readers get to enjoy and share your content. I’m happy to see that you stuck with this course for so long. Since you know how to optimize your content now for people like you and me, […]

Writing for Humans, Not Just for Search Engines

While writing for search engines may seem to make a lot of sense, we should think clearly about WHY we are doing that. Is it because we want to make search engine crawlers happy? Yes, perhaps, but we only need that in order to bring in Human readers to read our articles. So let’s stop […]

Sourcing Real-Time Intelligence to Make Humans Love What You Write

It’s great to see you in class today, thanks for joining and we’ll get started with real-time intelligence right away :-) So far, I showed you the mindset you need to have in order to provide better, more engaging content for your Human Readers. Since we talked a lot about the mindset, I think you’re […]

Finding the Right Spin You Can Give Your Article to Have it Spread Like Wildfire

Welcome back for a new lesson! You know what they say: „there’s no rest for the wicked”, so let’s get into some more wicked stuff that would make most SEOs be like: “oh, you heathen!”. What I’m talking about is of course, optimizing content for Humans, which most people who do SEO fail to consider, […]

Optimizing Your Content for Humans Part II

Last time we’ve discussed the importance of optimizing content for Humans, because even though some of the visitors you’ll get come from search engines, it’s Humans that you ultimately wish to engage with your content. They are the ones who you want seeing you as an expert, buying products or services from you and so […]

Optimizing Your Content For Humans: Identifying Your Profitable Topic

It’s great to see you in class today for the second lesson of this training program. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about optimizing things for search engines, and it’s useful to take care of that aspect, but the risk of doing such is that you’ll miss the whole point: it’s humans that you […]

The 6 Aspects that Make WordPress Sites Take Off, Or Crash Down

Thanks for joining the class :-) Today, we’re taking a close look into what makes a WordPress site Hot, or Lame! (or.. was it “Not”? can’t ever remember) Most of us ask ourselves why some of our sites just won’t work. They just seem to suck in all of our energy, we put a lot of […]

7 Surprising Numbers That Will Empower Your WordPress SEO

It’s a beautiful day, and we’ll get to talk about seven surprising numbers that will help you take control of your WordPress SEO and your content marketing strategy. Practical Things You’ll Learn in This Lesson: How to check your site’s progress and performance using numbers and scores What are the most important Google ranking factors  […]