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[3/6] Wrong Reasons to Run a Social Media Giveaway

We already talked about all the great benefits you can enjoy by running a social media giveaway.

You saw how a giveaway can be the right thing to do if you want to grow your business.

However, if you organize it for the wrong reason (set the wrong goals), you don’t really gain anything.

It’s important to tackle this before we move any further.

So, in this lesson, we’re going to talk about the wrong reasons to organize a Social Media Giveaway.

Let’s jump right in.

You Shouldn’t Run a Social Media Giveaway just to Get Likes

Facebook users generate millions of likes every minute. It’s true.

But there are also millions of fake accounts that generate those likes. So you should ask yourself just how relevant a Like actually is.

A person who liked your page may never actually engage with your content. Sad, but true.

Let’s say your business’ page has just reached 10.000 likes.

Good job! Amazing job!

However, even if your content is great and engaging, there is a chance that only a small percentage of the people who liked your page will get to see your content.


Facebook has kept on squeezing the organic reach for brand pages.

At the moment, if you’re reaching 3% of your audience, consider yourself lucky.

So, even if your business’ page has 10.000 likes, there is a chance that only about 300 people would engage with it.

The moral of this example is that likes alone are not a good indicator of engagement.

You can get tons of likes with a social media giveaway, but it might not help you in any meaningful way.

Key takeaway: social media contests and giveaways should NOT be done just for likes.


Forced Followers

Let’s get one thing straight:

Asking your audience to follow you on social media as part of the giveaway is NOT inherently bad.

The problem is when you ONLY measure the success of the event by counting them afterward.

When you give away stuff, expect to gain new followers.

Some of them will only be there to get the free stuff while others will actually be interested in your brand and what you have to offer.

When you force people to follow you so that they get something in return, though, you can expect a lot more uninterested followers.

While uninterested followers don’t necessarily do anything bad, they rarely do you any good either.

The reality of the situation is that very few will become clients.

And this is why measuring your success by the number of new followers alone is not a good way to go about this.

If you don’t demand people to follow you as a requirement to enter the giveaway, you’ll know that the people who still do it are truly interested in your company.

Now You Know

Now that you know that you shouldn’t organize social media giveaways just to gain likes or force people to follow you, you’re ready to start planning.

The exact steps you need to follow to successfully plan a social media giveaway are waiting for you in the next lesson.