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[2/6] Why Run a Social Media Giveaway, Anyway? Key Benefits You Should Know

This lesson will tackle the main question that was probably on your mind ever since we first mentioned social media giveaways.

And that is:

Why would you give free stuff away? What’s in it for you? Well, let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable benefits of running a social media giveaway. 

1. Exposure

Startups that want to increase their following might do a giveaway so that more people will find out about them.

Big companies will do the same to ensure they stay top of mind with their existing audience.

Any way you look at it, exposure is good for business.

 With social media giveaways, you’re creating a powerful incentive for people to pay attention to you.

And the more people pay attention to you, the more people will be exposed to your brand and your message.

social giveaway

2. Engagement

One challenge with social media today is that people follow a lot of brands.

That sounds fine at first, but it becomes hard to keep up with them and react to what they post.

Most social media users don’t have the energy to respond to everything in their feed. A post may be funny or informative, or whatever, and people can still react to them, but only in their minds.

In other words, they DON’T engage with the person/company that posted.

Well, giveaways are different.

When there’s free stuff to be won, people find the energy to respond.

 A giveaway can entice people to re-engage with your brand.

After all, the point of being on social media is to create a dialogue between you and your audience. A monologue won’t bring you any benefits.

3. Better Understand Your Audience

By asking a simple question as part of your giveaway, you can find out so many things about the people who follow your company/brand on social media.

You may get precious insight when it comes to what their habits are, how they use your products or services, and what motivates them to buy.

social giveaway

The possibilities are endless here.

It’s just a matter of figuring out what kind of information would be useful to you.

4. Free Content

There are many creative giveaways out there that harness the power of user-generated content.

Here’s how this works:

Let’s say you sell cereal (a delicious idea). You could ask your followers to submit a picture of their breakfast bowl for a chance to win a yearly supply of your products.

The guideline or the theme for the pictures can be to contain your brand of cereal.

Just like that, you’ll have plenty of images for your upcoming posts (with the users’ approval, of course).

You can go even further and ask for videos or written content (like testimonials or product reviews).

Careful, though, there’s a catch. Those options can complicate the giveaway.

We’ll go into details about this in a future lesson.

5. Growing Your Email List

Your weekly or monthly email newsletter may be fascinating, but it won’t have much of an impact if there are only a few people on the receiving end.

By running a giveaway and asking the participants to enter by simply giving their name and email address, you can effectively grow your email list.

However, don’t use this opportunity to spam them. You’d severely hurt your brand.

social giveaway

6. Promoting a New Product or Service

A giveaway is one of the best ways to promote a new product or service.

All you have to do is offer a new product/service as a prize.

Considering it’s new and interesting to your audience, they will enter the giveaway hoping to be the first to try it out.

It’s a double victory for you; you get all the normal benefits that come with running a social media giveaway and generate buzz for your new product/service.

7. The Potential for More Traffic

On social media, a giveaway usually involves participants liking your page and sharing it.

So, by running a social media giveaway, you can attract new visitors to your site. That means more traffic and more people who learn about your brand and the services or products that you offer.

social media giveaway

Everyone who participates in your giveaways gets you more exposure. 

There’s something about giveaways that makes businesses seem more human, as well.

You get the chance to showcase a different side of your brand and show that you care about your audience. In turn, they will ask you questions and leave comments about the social media giveaway.

That’s how conversations start.

And going from there, who knows? You might get a new lead, client, or even partner.

social media giveaway

8. You Have Control over the Budget and There Are No Hidden Fees

Tweeting about your giveaway and picking a winner is completely free. The only things you might have to buy are the prizes themselves.

That being said, you can always offer content as a prize.

Not everything has to be iPhones and laptops.

A word of warning, though:

If you create the prizes yourself, put your heart into it.

The prizes you offer should be things that people actually want.

Otherwise, the giveaway won’t have much of an effect.

You may also decide to invest in promoting the giveaway. Think about creating a landing page or setting up ads on the channel you’ll use for the event.

social media giveaway

All in all, you can create a killer giveaway without stretching your budget. The only real requirement is the effort.

9. Creating Demand for Your Product

You should always make your products and services part of the giveaway. The most straightforward way of doing this is to offer them as prizes.

Of course, you can add other things as well.

After you announce the social media giveaway, this will be your audience’s train of thought:

  1. Oh, look at those prizes! 😍 They seem worth checking out.
  2. Man, these products are awesome. Sign me right up! Those prizes are as good as mine.🤗
  3. Wow, there are already 300 other people who entered the giveaway. My chance of winning is pretty slim. 👀
  4. Now I really want this stuff! You know what? If I don’t win, I’ll just buy it instead.😀💸

social media giveaway

Of course, there will also be people who do win.

They won’t have to buy your products, but you can count on them to become brand ambassadors after the event.

And if you have a service that is subscription-based, it may be worth giving it for free for the first few months.

Think of Netflix who offers the 1st month of streaming for free. Most people continue the subscription after the trial has come to an end, so it pays off.

End of Lesson 2

As you saw from this portion of the masterclass, running a social media giveaway comes with remarkable benefits that will help you grow your business and spruce up your social media presence.

These benefits surely got you excited about planning your own social media giveaways.

The next lessons will help with that.