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[INTRO] Proven Content Marketing Formulas that Work Like Magic

Sure, it can feel awesome to cook a full-course meal from scratch.


Other times (read most of the time) though, we don’t have the energy, the inspiration or the time to do so.

And just go straight to that frozen pizza waiting in the fridge.

These formulas are just like frozen pizza: they are convenient, they are time-saving, and most importantly, they get the job done.

Every single time.

Plus, unlike frozen pizza, they won’t break your diet or make you feel bad about yourself.

You can count on the handy templates included in this course to help you:

  • find new keywords ideas without breaking a sweat;
  • come up with catchy headlines for your articles that stand up in SERPs;
  • create interesting tweet messages that people won’t resist clicking.
  • write content promotion email subject lines that stand out.

From research to content creation and promotion, these proven formulas are designed to help you save precious time on your content marketing activities and bring more traffic to your site.

You can always come back to them whenever you feel stuck or need a little boost in inspiration.

Find the first set of formulas in the next lesson!