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[6/6] Get Inspired by These Examples of Big Brands Doing Social Media Giveaways

Big brands are consistently investing in social media giveaways and contests.

Sure, the bigger the prize, the more chances the giveaway will attract more people. But that’s hardly the only factor that influences the success of a campaign.

This why it is paramount to make sure the contest aligns properly with the audience, as well as your brand’s core values and personality.

The messaging and the accompanying content need to be spot on. You’ll want your audience to get excited and want to share your giveaway with their friends and family online.

That’s how you put your hand in the cookie jar.

Here are some examples of giveaways ran by major brands and what you can learn from them.

1. Ikea

They ran a contest using Facebook’s geo-photo tagging function.

Their objective: create buzz for their new store opening in Sweden.

On their page, Ikea uploaded photos of different items in Ikea showrooms around the world.

The first person to tag themselves on any of the items in the room was the winner of that item.

It’s a fun and original concept; not to mention the fact that they totally nailed the “promote a new product” benefit you already learned about in a previous lesson.

2. Birdhouse

You may not know this company by name, but you may know its owner: Tony Hawk, the professional skater.

The Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt runs pretty much every year. It started in 2009.

As part of the campaign, Tony’s team hides boxes of collectibles in different places from around the world.

Then they tweet pictures with the location – without giving out obvious clues.

social giveaway

The first to find the collectible wins it. Then they have to tweet a picture of themselves with the prize.

Every time they run this campaign, the team over at Birdhouse generates a lot of buzz for the brand.

3. Lipton

A few years ago, Lipton ran a contest on Instagram that had great results.

The contest was active in 11 countries; in seven different languages. With such a wide area covered, you can bet they got a lot of participants.

People were required to sign up for the contests’ app – called Lipstagram – with their Instagram accounts. Participants then had to upload a photo related to a weekly hashtag.

The prize was a safari trip to Kenya for two.

Their giveaway is really cool because of how much liberty it offered to the participants. Not to underestimate the awesome prize, though.

4. Sephora

To mark their 15 years of being in business, Sephora, the well-known chain of beauty stores, ran their Sweet 15 Sweepstakes.

Entrants simply had to fill out a form for a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica.

What Sephora did right is that they tied the giveaway with an important event and offered an extravagant prize that would appeal to their trendy consumers.

5. Qwertee

Qwertee, a limited-edition t-shirt producer, ran a successful contest on Facebook.

They asked people to like their page and submit their email address to enter the contest and possibly win a month’s supply of T-shirts.

This is a great example that even small giveaways can deliver excellent results if they are played out in a creative manner.

6. Dove

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Should be Shared’ contest on Facebook is yet another example of social media contests done right.

The brand asked their followers to involve a friend and say what makes that friend beautiful. The prize? The chance to become the next face of Dove and be featured in one of their videos.

This mostly works for bigger brands who already have notoriety and a permissive budget.

But what you can take away from their campaign is that you can use social media giveaways to communicate the core values of your brand.

It’s Your Turn Now

Hopefully, this final lesson has provided you with even more inspiration. Hopefully, you now feel like you know enough to tackle social media giveaways and contests on your own.

Let all the knowledge you’ve acquired through this masterclass empower you to create awesome giveaways for your audience.

You got this!