Having a website on WordPress, you will start wondering “how can I turn my site into one of those popular sites that get tons of traffic?”.

There are several possibilities but I suggest you concentrate on making it one of the best WordPress sites with the best SEO.

Know that you will have to put some time and energy into this. However, this strategy will show good results.

The great part is that you can do this work on your own and ensure your site has the best SEO possible.

To stay relevant online, you have to keep on writing content at least 2 times per week. To make it easy to create more content, you need to create a good workflow.

This will make your work more practical, and help you know where to start every day. Because you know what they say, once you start, everything becomes easier.

Here are the steps I take to create a better workflow.

1. Plan Your Posts

You know the field for which you will write an article, but if each morning you wake up thinking “What I am going to specifically write about today?”, you might not be able to structure the information you want to share with your readers in a way that makes total sense.

That’s why it’s crucial to think about what you want to write about in the next 2 months and make a plan for it.

Write it down in your Editorial Calendar so that you can come up with a list of subjects that you want to approach in the next couple of weeks.

Then put them in the order that would seem natural and logical to your reader.

Also, I recommend writing articles when you have the inspiration (and time) for them. Leave publishing for a later date, rather than forcing yourself to come up with text at 7 AM.

Learning to schedule your posts with the help of an editorial calendar will do wonders for your workflow.

2. Prepare Your Materials

Now that you know what you want to write about, think of the other files you might need in your posts, like images, slides, audio recordings, or videos.

Incorporating these files will help you in achieving the best SEO – but only if you tag them appropriately, with the keywords you will use in multiple articles.

That’s one of the reasons why I love Squirrly SEO – because it reminds me of these things for every article I write.

3. Search, Research and Read … a lot

To stay relevant, you have to always be aware of the latest trends and information in your field. To do this you have to research the latest innovations and read other blogs.

This is especially useful if you additionally start reading forums and paying attention to what others are saying.

This will not only help you come up with fresh subjects, but it could also give you some ideas of where to promote your post. This is a vital thing you have to do almost every day because the Internet is constantly growing and changing.

What was cool and fresh last week might not mean as much this week.

As part of your research, you should create accounts on all relevant social media sites if you don’t already have them.

4. Write Using the best SEO Plugins

SEO plugins don’t change too much how you write your articles, but they help with achieving the best SEO. They are important in your workflow because they make it more time-efficient.

Squirrly SEO is an excellent SEO plugin for many different reasons.

One of them is that it removes the need of you having to comb through your text to make sure you have repeated the keywords enough times (or that you haven’t added too many keywords).

Squirrly SEO also reminds you about the things you can change to make your title, link and images work in achieving the best SEO.

5. Feed Your article

Getting the article done is just half of the work.

You should let people know that you wrote a new article for them. First of all, let Google know that you published something new by using the Search Console.

The research you did in step 3 becomes really important here. Go back to all those sites, forums and communities that gave you great ideas for articles.

Answer their questions by referencing your article.

6. Keep an Objective Eye on Your Progress

Feedback is an important step in any type of work. Keep track of your articles and how they are doing. Always check your analytics to see how much traffic the article brought to your website. Also keep in mind how many tweets, shares and likes your posts got.

It is very important to learn from your mistakes and positive experiences to change the way you work in the future so that you can achieve the best results.

The Bottom Line

This is a basic workflow that you can use, but it’s not the only one. It is good to develop your system or adapt this one to your own work preferences.

To stay relevant and obtain the best SEO on your own, you will need to develop a program and write, write, write. So go on and create valuable content.