Battle-Tested Formulas for Epic Content Promotion Email Subject Lines

There is a lot of effort that goes into creating an awesome, valuable, interesting piece of content.

So, as soon as the ink dries on your post, you obviously want as many people to rush to your blog and read it.

That said, one of the most effective ways to get traffic directly to your most recent piece of content is to promote it to your mailing list.

So, whenever you publish a new article on your blog, you should send an email broadcast to your email list that includes a link back to the blog post on your site.

(keeping in mind, of course, that your blog posts and emails updates should always be useful and relevant to your audience).

The problem is:

It’s not always easy to come up with interesting email subject lines that will get those emails opened, right?

Luckily, you can use these formulas to create email subject lines that will stand out even in the most cluttered Inbox.


  • Formula: A better/simpler/faster way to [Topic of Your Article – Benefit Oriented]

example: A faster way to find the best accommodation in Germany

  • Formula: [Number] Lessons [I/We] Learned by [Something You Did]

example: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned by Working from Home

  • Formula: the best to [Topic of Your Article]

example: the best time to post on Twitter – for every industry

  • Formula: you probably didn’t know this about [Topic of Your Article]

example: you probably didn’t know this about working from home

  • Formula: % of [Type of Person] make this mistake

example: 45% of small business owners make this mistake

💡 Fresh statistics that are related to the topic of your article should be used here.

  • Formula: my best-kept secrets about [Topic of Your Article]

example: my best-kept secrets about booking cheap flights to Europe

  • Formula: my biggest [Topic of Your Article] mistake

example: my biggest social media marketing mistake

  • Formula: how we [Obtained Result]

example: how we got 10,000 visits from social media

  • Formula: Do THIS if you want [Goal]

example: do THIS if you want to grow your email list

  • Formula: need help with [Topic of Your Article]?

example: need help getting more traffic to your blog?

  • Formula: what no one tells you about [Topic of Your Article]

example: what no one tells you about working from home

  • Formula: [New + current year] Title of your article

example: [New 2020] How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

  • Formula: [Main Topic of Your Article], [Subtopic 1], [Subtopic 2]

example: setting business goals, adjusting to change, moving forward

  • Formula: the art of [Main Topic of Your Article]

example: the art of setting smart business goals

  • Formula: New this Month/Week: [Title of Your Article]

example: New This Week: How to Overcome Barriers and Turn Your Plans into Actions

Congrats! You’ve Reached the End of This Course🎉

We hope that you’ll walk away from this course with a brand-new list of favorite formulas to use from now on to save time and be more efficient.

Experiment to find the formulas that work best for you and your audience, and continue to go back to them whenever you’re in need of some quick inspiration.


Time-Saving Formulas for Promoting Content on Twitter

Add an image. Use emojis. Mention an influencer in your post.

You’ve probably heard this advice over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, you should take best practices such as those into account when creating twitter messages.

But here’s the problem:

Those best practices don’t help with what’s typically one of the biggest problems with promoting content on Twitter in the first place.

And that is:

WHAT to write in your twitter messages and HOW to phrase everything in such a way that will make people want to click.

Well, that’s what this part of the course is going to help you with.

Use these formulas to create Twitter messages like a magician.

  • Present the topic of your article in a straightforward way.

With this one, you’re staying away from any whistles and simply showing your audience exactly what they are going to get out of your content.

Formula: [Number]  + adjective  + steps/ways  to [achieve desired outcome]: LINK

Example: 9 simple ways to keep visitors on your site for longer: URL

  • Showcase the problem that your article solves and then present the solution.

Formula: [Question about specific challenge/issue]? Check out these [number] ways to [achieve the desired result] here. LINK

Example: Struggling to keep visitors on your site for longer? Check out these simple ways to turn your mistakes around: URL

  • Show the Before and After.

Formula: [Statement about the problem] + [question that suggests there’s a simple solution to that problem] + [call-to-action]: LINK

Example: Getting visitors to stay on your site is challenging. But what if there were simple tactics you could use to make your content more interesting? Discover what they are in this article: URL

  • Give your opinion on the problem. 

Formula: [Expression of view/facts] + [statement pointing to your content]: LINK

Example: Posting only promotional tweets reduces your chances of building meaningful connections with your audience. Here’s why and what to do instead: URL

  • Start with a rhetorical question. 

Formula[Rhetorical question about the problem] + [call-to-action pointing to your content]: LINK

Example: Are you struggling to keep visitors on your site for longer? Read this article to discover 9 simple ways to fix this problem: URL

  • Present a statistic or a relevant fact. 

Formula: [Relevant statistic or fact about the problem] + [Post title]: LINK

Example: Most users will decide whether to stick on your page or not within the first 15 seconds. Here are 5 effective ways to reduce bounce rate: URL

  • Call out your audience.

💡 This formula is all about referencing the audience for whom you’ve created the article in your tweet.

Formula: [Audience] + [Question that relates to the topic of your article]: LINK

Example: Small business owners, which one of these 4 best practices are you using to attract more visitors to your site? URL

  • Use adjectives that showcase urgency or create excitement. 

Example: There’s finally a way to put your social media marketing on autopilot. or Stop making this social media marketing mistake before it’s too late.

💡 Use these with caution, though. You don’t want to overdo it. Use them sporadically, as this will increase their impact and prevent your Twitter feed from looking like an ongoing telemarketing commercial.

  • Use a Quote from your article. 

💡 You can simply use a sentence from your article as a twitter message.

Formula: [Quote] + Learn more from this article: LINK. 

Example: Regardless of your business’s niche or industry, you can benefit from investing in a reliable rank tracking tool. Learn more from this article: URL

  • The title of your article in Question format.

Formula: [Article title in question format] + Then you should check out this article: LINK

Example: Want to hire the best comedians for your corporate event? Then check out this article: URL (in this example, the title of the article is: The Best Comedians for Your Corporate Event)


Save even more time when creating your social media posts by Automatically shortening your links and adding Hashtags and Emojis with a Single Click. 

You can use Squirrly Social for this; all you have to do is click a button.

To learn more about Squirrly Social, copy/paste the link below in a new Tab:

Your social media posts will look amazing – as if you’ve spent a lot of time carefully crafting every single post.

In reality, though, all of this just takes a few seconds.

You can also watch a video to see how easy it is to enhance your social media posts with hashtags and emojis using Squirrly Social.

All you have to do is Copy/Paste the link below in a new Tab to see it.


Headline Formulas – Write Perfect, Clickable Headlines Every Time

The headline is one of the first things people see when your page appears in SERPs.

Therefore, you should take the time to write clickable headlines so that more people end up on your page from Google Search.

Or you can use these tried and tested formulas to come up with awesome headlines in a gif.

Use these formulas to build headlines that you can be proud of and that others will click.


1. [How to] + [Goal]

  • Example: How to Create an Effective Pillar Page to Boost Ranking

2. [Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve Goal]

  • Example: 31 Ways to Get More More Traffic to Your Blog

3. The Complete/Ultimate Guide to [Achieve Goal]

  • Example: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Begin Your SEO Adventure

4. Warning! Are You [Undesirable Outcome] by Making this Mistake?

  • Example: Warning? Are You Driving Site Visitors Away by Making this Mistake?

5. Here is What You Should Do to [Desirable Outcome]

  • Example: Here is What You Should do to Get More Traffic from Social Media

6. Apply These [Number] Secret Techniques To [Desirable Outcome]

  • Example: Apply these 5 Secret Techniques to Get More Traffic from Social Media

7. [Number] + [Adjective] Reasons Why You’re [Undesirable Outcome]

  • Example: 7 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Failing at Job Interviews

8. [Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]

  • Example: 18 Proven Techniques to Get More Traffic from Social Media in Less Time

9. [Number] Critical Mistakes [Audience/Buyer Persona] Make When [Common Action]

  • Example: 7 Critical Mistakes Solo Travelers Make When Choosing their Travel Destination

10. Little Known Ways to [Achieve Desired Result]

  • Example: Little Known Ways to Get More Leads for Your Business

11. [Number] + Benefits You Get by [Keyword]

  • Example: 5 Benefits You Get by Using Squirrly’s Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

12. [Number] + Adjective + Keyword + [Desired Result/Goal]

  • Example: 7 Surprising Social Media Marketing Tricks to Get More Traffic

13. My Top Secret for [Desired Result/Goal]

  • Example: My Top Secret for Supercharging Rankings Overnight

14. Get Rid of [Challenge/Problem] in [Number] Easy Steps

  • Example: Get Rid of Unproductive Work from Home Habits in 4 Easy Steps

15. What Every [Audience/Buyer Persona] Should Know about [Keyword]

  • Example: What Every Event Planner Should Know about Booking a Celebrity Keynote Speaker

Give these formulas a go the next time you’re struggling to come up with a catchy headline for your blog post!

Keyword Research Formulas – Don’t do Keyword Research from Scratch

Keywords are at the core of SEO. 

If you want to create optimized content that will rank on Google and bring traffic to your site, keyword research is where you need to start.

The first phase of keyword research involves coming up with new keyword ideas.

This is often one of the most challenging parts of the process, as many people who are unfamiliar with keyword competition will go after very broad words to target in their content.

Like “travel”, “service”, or “marketing”, for example.

(^^Data generated using the Keyword Research Tool from Squirrly SEO.)

As you can see from the data above, broad terms like TRAVEL are very competitive, which means the vast majority of sites have very little to NO chance of ranking for them.

This blueprint will speed up your keyword research process and help you come up with awesome keyword ideas to target in your content.

You can use these formulas as part of a brainstorming session to find new keyword ideas that are relevant to your topic and your audience.

Where it says your keyword in the formula, insert a word or topic that you find is most relevant for your website.

Ready? Let’s go!


1. Adjective (best, free, new, great, top, quick, simple, easy) + your keyword

e.g. free tools for social media

💡 Great for uncovering core keywords to target in your most important pages.

2. Your keyword + year

e.g. best make up products 2018

💡 This formula is best used when you want to leverage people’s appeal towards the latest information and trending topics.

3. Keyword + season

e.g. hair care products for winter

💡 Use this formula to leverage seasonal trends.

4. Your keyword + location

e.g. best pizza place in Rome

💡 You can also try being even more specific and consider a keyword like best pizza place in Monti (a cool neighborhood in Rome).

Use this formula if you’re targeting a specific city, for instance, or if you have a physical business.

5. Your keyword + buyer persona

e.g. SEO training courses for small business owners, remote job opportunities for stay at home moms

💡Great for coming up with keyword ideas you can use as a base to develop highly-targeted SEO strategies.

6. Price + your keyword

e.g. premium wooden watches, cheap wooden watches

💡Using this formula will help you come up with price-focused keywords you can target in your conversion-focused content.

7. Your keyword + benefit

e.g. wooden watches free shipping, training course free downloadSEO software free trial

💡Great for uncovering benefit-oriented keywords.

8. Your keyword + word which suggests novelty

e.g. new children books, new in leather shoes, fresh marketing training

💡Good for when you want to emphasize that something, be it a product or knowledge detailed in your content, is up to the minute.

9. Best + competitor name + alternative

e.g. Best SEMrush alternative

💡Come up with keyword ideas that can help you build up the foundation of effective competitor campaigns.

10. Your keyword + modifier such as review, guide, training, list, analysis, checklist

e.g. SEO tools review

💡Great for brainstorming keywords ideas which will help you reach people looking for specific information formats.

11. Your Brand name versus Competitor brand

e.g. Squirrly versus Yoast

12. Your product name vs competitor product

e.g. Google Docs vs Microsoft Word

💡It’s human nature to compare things in order to find a winner. By targeting this type of keywords, you can show your target audience why your product is the better choice.

13. Your keyword + “statistics

e.g. US student loan statistics 

💡Targeting this type of keywords in your content will help you attract more backlinks. That’s because journalists are the ones who typically search for “Topic + Statistics” keywords.

More specifically, journalists who are looking for reliable statistics that they can include in their articles.

14. ” What is ” + your keyword

e.g. What is travel insurance

💡This type of keywords is great for reaching people who are searching for information in your industry.

15. Best + [Product category]

e.g. best digital marketing tools

16. “How to” + your keyword

e.g. How to travel cheap in Germany

💡Use this type of keywords to reach people who are looking for specific information in your industry and get your business and services on their radar.


Use these formulas as a starting point.

Then add them to Squirrly SEO’s Keyword Research tool, and the tool will generate dozens of other ideas of high-opportunities keywords that you can use to rank on the 1st Page of Google Search.

To learn more about Squirrly’s Keyword Research tool, copy/paste the link below in a new tab:

Give these formulas a try the next time you do keyword research!

[INTRO] Proven Content Marketing Formulas that Work Like Magic

Sure, it can feel awesome to cook a full-course meal from scratch.


Other times (read most of the time) though, we don’t have the energy, the inspiration or the time to do so.

And just go straight to that frozen pizza waiting in the fridge.

These formulas are just like frozen pizza: they are convenient, they are time-saving, and most importantly, they get the job done.

Every single time.

Plus, unlike frozen pizza, they won’t break your diet or make you feel bad about yourself.

You can count on the handy templates included in this course to help you:

  • find new keywords ideas without breaking a sweat;
  • come up with catchy headlines for your articles that stand up in SERPs;
  • create interesting tweet messages that people won’t resist clicking.
  • write content promotion email subject lines that stand out.

From research to content creation and promotion, these proven formulas are designed to help you save precious time on your content marketing activities and bring more traffic to your site.

You can always come back to them whenever you feel stuck or need a little boost in inspiration.

Find the first set of formulas in the next lesson!